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The essential role of school in a child's life

Schools are an integral part of our youth. We at The Norwood School believe that children are the future of the nation, and their development is vital for the betterment of society. As we all know, school plays many roles in the life of a child. They are not only educational institutions but they have many other roles to play as well. The role of school in the lives of children is manifold, from practically changing their personality traits to preparing them morally.

Just as the educational institution has many different roles to play in childhood, many factors also contribute to it. The role of school in children’s life can be described by various factors including curriculum, environment, teachers etc. Such role of school in children’s life can be divided into major categories such as the role of school in imparting knowledge and inculcating school values ​​and morals for children. Role of imparting knowledge to the school is self-explanatory, and the role of the school for imparting values ​​and ethics is much greater than in the past.


Role of School in Providing Knowledge
This is the most important factor which plays a vital role in building a good student career. Concepts should be taught with an effective teaching method which helps them not only to remember but also to understand subject wise. Such examples include the mathematical formulas used when solving algebraic expressions, or the facts of history used when understanding the historical context of the period. This way more and more students will be attracted towards learning new things in schools rather than at home. This role of the school in imparting knowledge is also useful for the parents who get the opportunity to introduce their children to the work culture and organisational structures at an early age.

Provides a well-structured environment
The role of school in a child’s life cannot be underestimated while imparting discipline. The Norwood School provides a kind of well-organised environment which develops self-discipline in the students. Most of the schools have their own rules and regulations which every student must strictly follow. Students are taught to follow these rules at all times whether inside or outside the campus; It ensures harmony among different people.

Helps in personal development
The role of school in a child’s life with respect to the personal development of children cannot be underestimated. At The Norwood School, we have our own set of extra-curricular activities, which help the students to excel in areas outside the curriculum. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities by teachers and parents alike. It helps them to develop leadership qualities and establish themselves as role models among peers.