The curriculum is based on CBSE directives and NCERT course. All aspects of academics are taken care of with due emphasis on interactive learning. Theory and Practical are given due importance. The curriculum is designed to give students an in-depth mastery of the academic disciplines and applied functional areas.

We emphasize on creating a connection between learners in spiritual, ethical, social, cognitive, mental, physical growth and development, nurturing individuality and thus enhance one’s innate potentials and developing scientific outlook & transformative competence.



The Norwood School, kathgarh offers the kindergarten programme which inculcates in children the qualities of curiosity, exploration and discovery in a fun-filled, safe and happy learning environment. At the school, the emphasis is on developing in students self-confidence and the ability to effectively communicate in English. Teachers ensure this through effective use of language and by encouraging children to express freely.


The kindergarten programme makes use of a range of individual and group activities which create a lively and positive learning environment. Games, songs, creative projects, story-telling, role-playing, drawing and painting helps to develop children’s foundational skills in literacy and numeracy. They are encouraged to play, explore and discover through dance, music, art and craft, singing, rhyming and reading. They are also employed in language arts and the phonics program. The use of manipulative pictures and symbols helps them to identify relationships between sets and groups of things to be sorted, counted, shared and represented. Sports activities help in strengthening coordination and motor skills and instiil enthusiasm for sports, Picnics and field trips enhance students’ understanding of their surroundings. Celebration of festivals sensitizes them to multiple traditions and cultures.



The Norwood School, Chahal offers the primary school programme that encourages inquiry and exploration and develops children’s competence in various skills like reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, observation, measurement and use of information and communication technology.


The primary school curriculum offers an interdisciplinary appreciation of Language Mathematics, Science and Social studies as individual and integrated subjects. The importance is also given to an individual, small group and whole-group activities so as to improve children’s ability to work across all levels. Physical education develops sports skills and creates health awareness. Exposure to team and individual sports encourages a sense of team spirit and individual effort and accomplishment.


The wide range of curricular and co-curricular opportunities offered helps to instill in children confidence and discipline. The focus on developing communication skills helps them to appreciate the value of education, as it reflects their ability to express themselves in addition to developing pragmatic skills.


We ensure that the students engage in field trips, excursions, activities, projects, and presentations that provide experiential learning opportunities.


We believe that a curriculum of excellence with a global dimension is central to the education of children to face the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and strength of character.



The rigorous curriculum focuses on helping students to become increasingly independent learners and preparing them to succeed in Secondary School and beyond.


It also addresses holistically student’s intellectual, Social, Emotional and physical well-being. It also provides students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need in order to manage complexity, and take responsible action for the future. The learner is equipped with learning skills and is ready to move on to the Secondary school program.We aim to prepare our children to be healthy and active with a passion for developing their physical abilities and to achieve high standards and high levels of attainment in academics and extra curricular activities.