Welcome to The Norwood School Affiliated to C.B.S.E vide affiliation no 1631487

Welcome To The Norwood School, Chahal

For Joyful Learning, Enrichment and Exuberance

The Norwood School firmly believes that education is not just providing bookish knowledge to the students. Instead the child should be made equip with lots of capabilities like to create, think, innovate so that he is able to withstand the challenges of the future and live a contended life.


Our school prepares children for a life beyond school. They stay disciplined and driven towards their goal in life. The school offers nurturing and considerate teachers with exceptional education and experience who provide your child with a safe environment catering their intellectual needs with personalized education using modern cognitive methods of learning, shaping the emotional and psychological needs of the learned. Kids are guided through concepts but helped to learn at their own pace.


The school has splendid infrastructure with fine architecture giving its students all the facilities possible. The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities and sports. The teachers motivate their students for maximum engagement in activities which builds poise and consequently results in overall development of the child.


The school keeps its children connected to their roots by educating them about their rich cultural heritage via various activities. We provide tremendous exposure with intellectual Olympiads, inter-school competitions and field trips which brings about personality, aptitude and social skills development.


“The Norwood School is a school united by the joy of learning, excellence in cultivation and development of character. We aspire to attain academic and personal growth in our students by stimulating inquisitive attitude, encouraging creativity and innovation, fostering meaningful participation and service, and embracing cross-cultural and international perspectives.”


“As intelligence is not enough and intelligence plus character is the goal of true education, so we envision inspiring excellence, cultivating character, and developing incredible engagement at local and global levels.”

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