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The Essence of Reading

Literacy is all about reading, writing, speaking, and learning. This has been known for generations. No one would dispute the importance of student literacy. It is imperative to understand the importance of student literacy and reading in student development, starting from a very young age. Reading helps students broaden their vocabulary and understanding of the world. The Norwood School is the best school in Balachaur, encouraging children of all ages to snuggle up to their favorite books, build confidence and imagination, and gain a wealth of knowledge.
All you only need is 15 minutes of shared reading a day to drive that growth.

Here are some benefits of Reading

1. Improved learning
Reading from an early age is the key to opening the door to lifelong learning. Reading presents the book as a source of fun, entertaining, and exciting formative experiences for children to remember. Children who value books are more motivated to read themselves and may retain their value for the rest of their lives.

2. Increases vocabulary
By developing a love for reading at an early stage, children can get a good start in developing vocabulary, independence, and self-confidence. It helps children understand not only the world around them but also people by building social-emotional skills and of course imagination.

3. Builds Self-esteem
This can be the most important area of all. The earlier you acquire reading comprehension, the more basics you will gain in self-confidence. This gives you more security when speaking and writing, and gives you confidence in expanding your knowledge base. As students begin to read about different people, distant places, and historical events from an early age, they become more creative and open-minded. And, of course, those who read a lot are asked to answer more questions. This is building more confidence for young students.

4. Improved concentration
By focusing on reading and student literacy, you can develop a higher level of concentration. It also forces readers to organize things in their heads-even on subjects they are completely unfamiliar with. By focusing this kind of attention on one topic rather than trying to accomplish many things at once, you can focus even after you put the book down.

5. Critical and analytical thinking skills
The beauty of reading is when, the children are well-equipped with words and proper knowledge of sentence formation, and they can predict the end of the story. This is a simple example of how reading can help students improve their critical and analytical skills.


Norwood School is one of the best schools in Punjab that promotes some of the most effective ways reading can influence student success. For those who choose to educate their children at Balachaur’s schools, the impact of Norwood School, on students in this important area, can resonate for life.