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How To Avoid Distractions And Stay Focused In Classrooms

The School authorities can be a little overwhelmed when trying to maintain the focus of students who get easily distracted in classrooms. According to research conducted by Larry Rosen, an emeritus professor at California State University, a typical student has a span of 15-minute concentration when studying. After this span, he/she may get distracted for a minimum of 5 minutes or till the time he/she is asked to focus again.

At Norwood School, the objective is to focus on the holistic development and well-being of students. Being one of the best schools in India, the Norwood school aims to provide children with all the focus points and keep them away from distractions. Parents expect their children to get good grades, but without proper concentration in the classroom, this isn’t possible.

This is because different things in the classroom can be distracting in different ways like personal devices, unnecessary classroom conversations, late arrivals, social media, etc. Teachers try to connect students with lesson design strategies, rules of conduct, and strategies to prevent confusion. Teachers need to find the root cause of student focus destruction and should be able to resolve it accordingly. This is especially true during the exam season.

Here are some tips and tricks for children to remain focused in the classroom and make their research successful

1.Create a schedule
By coordinating with the right schedule, you can manage your deadlines and become more productive making ample time for your homework and other activities. Maintain and manage a planner or write to-do lists to improve your concentration and memory.

2.Maintain your Notes well

Remember, you are in the classroom to learn. Take a look at the board and maintain a proper sitting position, tilting slightly forward and keeping your head high. This way, your entire focus will only be on what is being taught and you can take proper notes

3.Actively participate in the class
No one distracts you when you focus on your lessons, actively participate, and communicate with the teacher. It will give you a sense of self-satisfaction.

4. Keep yourself hydrated
Keeping bottled water in your school bag is a great way to rehydrate so that you can drink something whenever you are thirsty. If you find that hunger distracts you in class, putting healthy snacks such as nuts and seeds in your bag and eating quickly between classes can make all the difference.

5. Stay away from the distractors
Do you want to chat with your friends? Are you just looking out the window? Are there other students who expect you to play around with them when an important lesson is going on? Remember the loss is yours. The best way to focus in your class is to have nothing to do with what’s happening in the classroom. You can escalate disturbances to your teacher and keep yourself away from distractions.

6. Work at the appropriate difficulty level
You must ensure what you are taught is the right level of difficulty for you. There could be topics that are too difficult to focus on, as you may not understand them clearly. Topics that are too easy can be monotonous and boring. You don’t necessarily have to ask them, just think about them and maybe write them down. If the task is too difficult, understand what you need to know to fully understand it. If it’s too easy, think about what you’re looking for to move on to the next level. Participate in the discussion and speak naturally in class. Don’t be passive and ask thought-provoking questions to your teacher.

7. Understand the subject matter
You need to digest what is being said, maintain your subject material, and keep your knowledge updated. Keep yourself focused because you’re just passively listening to what’s being said. You can also scribble on your notebooks and make short notes while paying attention to what is being taught in the class


The Norwood school takes immense pride in maintaining proper decorum and discipline in the classrooms, encouraging students to participate in the daily lessons taught by teachers. But again, there could be a few students who find it difficult to focus, or who may just think that the class is not important. It’s easy to get distracted, but teacher motivation can be very helpful. At Norwood, we have a reward system for students who are quick and apt to finish tasks without distraction. We also encourage students to reward themselves for doing something exceptional each day.