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5 Ways In Which You Can Help Your Child Grow And Develop In Schools

Today the educational world has become highly pressuring, for both kids and parents. You need to come up with innovative parenting strategies that can drive learning, independent thinking, cognitive development, and a sense of competition & competence. A school is all about learning, stretching, falling, and standing up with an increase in your child’s proficiency, self-dependence, ability, and self-efficacy. But somewhere, parents and teachers begin to devalue the learning process and ignore the intrinsic motivation of natural curiosity. If you want your kids to be hungry for success and learning, we, The Norwood Punjab Best School give some tips for re-prioritizing them. The School marked as one of the best CBSE schools in Balachaur, Punjab.

Here are 5 ways to ensure you put the right foot forward and keep your zeal and dynamism throughout the School session:

Focus on objectives and not on grades:
Establish individual and family goals, and remember that the process is not to improve grades, but to support learning. The Norwood school Balachaur encourages children to imbibe perspective and learning rather than the ranking or grading system.

Keep a long-term perspective:
Education and childcare are both long-term efforts and cannot be measured or improved daily. Don’t stress yourself over the everyday plight of specific homework, worksheets or tests. Instead, concentrate on your child’s ability, empowerment, and growth in a year.

Access the school and its website:
You must know everything about the activities, physical layout, playgrounds, headquarters, cafeterias, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and special classes about the school. The school website contains fundamental information like contact info, school calendar, upcoming events, and list of homework, exam dates, etc. to keep yourselves informed.

Homework expectations:
Don’t treat homework as a task, and don’t encourage your child to do to please his teachers. Homework given by schools is to enhance and expand classroom learning and practice of learning skills. It also inculcates a strong sense of work ethics and responsibility that go a long way.

Teach organizational skills :
Instead of chasing, distracting, and luring your children into doing this, stress the benefits of being organized. Familiarize yourself with daily chores and school tasks and keep your child on track. This helps kids stay focused and keep things organized.

Focus on the disciplinary policy :
Take the school code of conduct very seriously and adhere to the expectations and magnitudes when expectations are not met. Observe disciplinary measures like dress code, attendance, vandalism, language, child behaviour, cheating, and bullying. Make sure your child knows what is expected at school and that you support the outcome of the school when expectations are not met.

Participate :
Involve yourself in all school activities and show your interest in educating your children. Many elementary school students enjoy meeting their parents at school and their participation in extracurricular activities.

Communicate Effectively :
It is imperative to talk to your child about friends, routine, studies, and school. Make the conversation interactive and ask simple questions that can affect your child’s academic success. Make time to talk to your child every day so that they know what happens at school is important to them.


As parents, you are the most important teacher of your child. Attend your children’s school, and make them feel better, safe and secure. Your child should be confident about your interest and participation in his educational and academic success. Parents can follow several steps to ensure holistic learning of their children starting from schools