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Bringing up of child is one of the most challenging jobs. Being a parent you have to be very careful in raising your kids as you are the role model for your children. Your way of speaking, body language, behavior, expression everything is absorbed by the growing kid. It starts reflecting on the development of self-esteem.
Being a parent, praising the child on their accomplishment of any task right from childhood develops their self-confidence. Task big or small or of any kind, letting them do independently makes them bold and stronger. Avoid passing any comment, sarcastic remarks, or comparing them with another child. Be careful with the language which you use.

Actually, every child is unique, it may be growth, studies, physique or other activities. Watch out for their good work and praise them. You can reward with your pat, hugs, and compliments. Your support will do wonders.
Practice discipline in your house as it is necessary for their development into a responsible citizen. Set certain limits for discipline and be consistent with it.
Give them time as very often the parents neglect the importance of sitting together, walking, and having a meal together. Give them love as much as you can. Talk to them, spend time with them, and listen to their funny stories. The parents who do not spend time with their kids often find their children misbehaving which is due to a lack of attention towards them.
The most important thing is that children usually enact like their parents. They learn a lot by watching their parents. Do not ever indulge in any kind of fight or argument with your spouse or anyone else in front of your kids. Do not use any sort of abusive language as they will imbibe the same.
Be a good role model for your child otherwise, your aggressive behavior will turn them into angry personalities. Do not force your decisions on them. Explain them about your expectations and listen to your child patiently. Welcome their suggestions also. Do not pressurize, neither keep high expectations from them. As the kid grows it is necessary to provide them guidance, counseling, and motivation as per their age.
Whenever they commit any mistake then correct them without any criticism or relentless blaming. Your love for them should not be based on your terms and condition.
In a nutshell, set up a good example and engage your child in such a manner that they develop into an adult having knowledge and emotional skills which in turn will help them to lead a happy and fruitful life.