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Is School Environment Important for Creative Development?

Children are as delicate as flowers; They grow up learning from the environment. Their thoughts and behavior can be easily rectified, thus, it is our utmost duty to make them strong, creative and mindful, so that they can gain the kind of knowledge they deserve.

Children naturally adapt to their immediate environment. The Norwood School, Balachaur, Punjab ensures that it supports the holistic development of the child. The Norwood School is the best CBSE school in Punjab, Balachaur which encourages the development of children.


This article is about creating a creative learning environment in schools! At The Norwood School, Balachaur, Punjab, our prime focus is to make you understand the importance of creativity, how you can create a creative environment for kids, and why your kids need to be taught in fun and trendy way!


Just as the immediate family determines the pace of children’s development, the next biggest influence is exerted by the school. The benefits of a school environment are important for overall social appearance, skills, and personality. A school offering a safe and supportive ecosystem is desired by most parents. The Norwood School Balachaur, Punjab offers an environment for children’s development.


The Norwood School does not include only an indoor classroom culture or play outside on the field but also focuses on creative learning. Today the expectations are to provide good value for physical and mental development. The teachers set a benchmark for the students and the choice of the best school in Balachaur depends upon their influence. The relevance of learning from teachers increases when new child-friendly methods are adopted. The emphasis is on the creativity and curiosity of the child. Teachers who use practical methods to educate tend to have students with better grades.