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How We Embrace Experiential Learning at school

At The Norwood School, we have experiential learning at the heart of our philosophy of schooling. Young children learn best by being deeply immersed in their learning and being physically engaged. We keep this in mind as we carefully and deliberately design every aspect of our learning environment.

Exposure to Outdoor play areas
At The Norwood School, Balachaur, we understand that time spent outside is one of the most valuable experiential learning experiences for a young child. To provide these opportunities in a comfortable environment, we provide specially designed green spaces for our young students to learn and explore. These places provide our students with much-needed contact with nature and valuable opportunities for practical learning.

Developing communication and collaboration skills is important for children. Mastering these skills at an early age sets children up for success as they learn to communicate well and collaborate with their peers and teachers as they progress through their education and beyond. At Norwood School, Balachaur, we ensure that our classrooms are designed to maximise the opportunities for developing the interaction skills of our students. It helps our learners to become proficient in communication and speaking skills. Our special events, such as virtual student exchange programs, are conducted through Smart TVs, providing even more opportunities for children to practise their communication skills.