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Parents often face tough time in the morning while getting their child ready for school. It is usually a temporary phase and being a parent you should calmly tackle the situation. Here are few tips to motivate them.

1)Act politely, Never be rude:

Whenever a child throws tantrums about schooling be polite even in your refusal. Your calm tone makes them realize why schooling is important and unavoidable. If you behave rudely then they feel that nobody understands them. Your calmness makes them learn importance of attending school in right sense.

2) Discuss with them their problems:

There could be different problems which your child must be facing in the school and this could be the reason of his refusal. Find the root cause of the issue by discussing with them. There could be number of reasons such as long school routine, no friends in the class, difficulty in learning of a particular subject or humiliation in the school. Even the environment matters a lot. At home the child spends his time comfortably whereas the school has a different new environment. Thus the transition phase could also be one of the reasons. Hence be calm with the child so that he easily confides in you.

3) Give them a reason to look forward to attend the school:

Children invariably prefer one or the other subject. As a parent you can playfully encourage them to wait for that interesting period at school. This will help in easing their pressure and make them look forward to that fun filled period in school.

4) Convince them that teachers are there to help:

Some of the children hesitate to socialize in school. If such a child is rebuked by a teacher for some reason then the child becomes fearful of teachers. This could also be the reason for avoiding the school. Guide your child that teacher will surely appreciate if they don’t commit the same mistakes again. Help them in gaining confidence. Once a teacher praises them their fear vanishes.

5) Consult the teachers to know whether child is being bullied:

Check whether your child is scared? Is he being bullied at school? This kind of stress certainly affects the child’s health. Don’t let it go unreported and consult the teacher for it.

6) Give time to your child:

Every child needs his parent’s attention. Negligence by a father or mother can also affect child’ behaviour. Spend a quality time with your child so that he does not miss you during school hours.

7) Setting up sound sleep routine:

A child needs to have atleast 10 hours sleep. Hence check whether your family stays awake late night? Pack his bag in the night itself. Don’t make him sit and watch T.V for late hours.
Sound sleep helps him to stay energized throughout the school hours.

8)Pack favourite food in their tiffins:

Everybody needs a variety and pleasure meals. A foodie‘s heart melts when he gets his favourite food. So try sometime giving them some other variety so that they do not get bored and wait eagerly for the lunch time in school.

Thus different ideas can be used to handle kids when they refuse to go to school.