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Holistic development of children is important in the early years

Holistic development is important and is the key to learning in the early years of childhood. At every stage of our life, we have heard everyone say that children should study well, get good marks so that they can become rich men. Is education about making a person rich or is it about bringing out the best in a person and developing the personality? It is really important to realize what we want from education. Thus, holistic development plays a major role when it comes to education. Here we “The Norwood School” are explaining the importance of holistic development.

Holistic development means the overall development of an individual which is body, mind, and soul. It includes physical development, mental development, emotional development, and social development. Mahatma Gandhi also talks about holistic development in his ideology of education. According to him, education is comprehensive. It is the process of bringing out the best in the child and man. He believed that education is closely related to socio-economic development. And its main objective is the development of one’s personality which includes character building, discipline, attainment of peace, and self-reliance. We, The Norwood School in Balachaur, Punjab, know that the aim of education is to help children’s growth and prepare them to face the biggest test called life and succeed!


Why is holistic development important?
For children to be successful and reach their full potential, all aspects of their development must be taken care of. We “The Norwood School” located in Balachaur, Punjab, believe that each child is unique. The holistic development of children is important for the following reasons:
-Good personality develops in children.
-Holistic development becomes innovative in their work.
-Learn how to deal with their problems.
-Children develop the way they communicate with the world.
-Recognize, control your emotions and understand the feelings of others.
-Kids develop the values ​​of what is right and what is wrong. It also helps them to analyze things before reacting to any situation.
-Holistic development helps children to work in collaboration and coordination i.e. teamwork.