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It has been observed that many times the parents and teachers often complain about lack of concentration among the children. Let us see the possible reasons for it.


Concentration can be increased in the children by adopting the following methods:

  • Appropriate sleep of at least 8-9 hours.
  • Healthy Balanced diet.
  • Drinking plenty of water.
  • Lots of physical activities like Yoga, playing games and doing exercises.
  • Parents and Teachers can divide a big task into small tasks so that the child is able to perform it easily.
  • Reduce distractions like not watching too much of T.V or use of mobile.
  • Parents can fix a time for doing homework.
  • Parents can also set time for completion of work like 15, 20 minutes, etc but without pressurizing.
  • Allowing children to play games that require focus.
  • Do not forcefully indulge them in too many activities.
  • Make routine and regularity for a child. The clock can be used for it.
  • Praise or motivate and reward the child.
  • Have patience and understand the psychology of the child.
  • Avoid emotional entrapment.


  • Lack of Sleep: Due to insufficient sleep the brain gets tired easily thus leading to memory problems.
  • Poor Nutrition: The brain is deprived of proper nutrition due to the intake of too much fatty or junk food.
  • Dehydration: Drinking water in less quantity causes a lack of attention.
  • Family stress: Discussion of family problems or fights of parents in front of the child.
  • Lack of Physical activity: No physical exercise makes the child lethargic.


Thus we can help the child to overcome his problem of concentration by the above strategies so that he is able to focus on his task and studies.