Welcome to The Norwood School Affiliated to C.B.S.E vide affiliation no 1631487


School your child will love to come!

Norwood school prepares children for a life beyond school. They stay disciplined and driven towards their goal in life. The school offers nurturing and considerate teachers with exceptional education and experience who provide your child with a safe environment catering their intellectual needs with personalized education using modern cognitive methods of learning, shaping the emotional and psychological needs of the learned.

When a tiny tot joins the school for the first time, he/she feels nervous, anxious and uncomfortable initially. That’s why at The Norwood School we shower the tiny tots with unconditional love, care and affection so that they start feeling at home. We make every single day of the student fun-filled with a variety of innovative activities to create a love for learning. The initial few months set the tone and mood for the whole session. That’s why we take special care to make these months more interactive, creative and fun-loving.


5 acres

Our school is not just a school but a huge campus for the overall development of your child. The campus is spread across 5 acres of land with ample amount of space used for sports, events and extracurricular activities.

Ideally Located

The school is located merely 0.5 km from the Chandigarh-Jalandhar highway and is easily accessible for the students from SBS Nagar to Ropar.

World Class Room

Our school is remarkable when it comes to academic standards. We prepare the students for the rapidly changing, increasingly borderless and innovation-based world with best academic curriculums.

5 - Fold Growth Approach

We assist the students to make informed choices for future through 5-fold growth approach, which enhances intellectual, physical, spiritual, emotional and social growth.

Smart Class Room

Our classrooms are not just ordinary classrooms but smart classrooms where each day there’s something new for the children to learn in new different ways. Equipped with the latest technologies our classrooms contain assisted listening devices and audio/ visual capabilities.

Enhanced Safety

The highly advanced techniques of safety like RFID technology, GPS tracking, CCTV surveillance, etc. make our school an extremely safe environment for your child.