Welcome to The Norwood School Affiliated to C.B.S.E vide affiliation no 1631487

Art and Craft Room

Exposure to art and craft activities adds colour, joy and beauty to the lives of the students enhancing their creativity and self expression. The Visual Arts are an expression of creativity and imagination. It is an outlet for individual thought, visualization, exploration of inner creativity , expression of imagination and interpretation of ideas, events and environment.
The Art and Craft room presents opportunities to students for developing varied artistic interests including painting, drawing and craft work.

Growing Library

The school library is central to learning that has a comprehensive collection of books for students. The vast collection ranges from story books, reference and academic books, journals, magazine and periodicals. Besides this, newspapers, magazines and reference materials are also available on various subjects.

The ambience of school library offers a perfect place for serious study and a peaceful place for light reading.

Information Technology Lab

Supplementing learning with state- of- the- art computer system and latest software. IT lab at school provides easy access to technology to all the students. The school ensures that the computer systems are upgraded regularly to keep pace with the latest technological trends.

Full time internet access, projector and plethora of multimedia facilities helps to make it an exciting place to study.

English Language Lab

English Language Lab of The Norwood School works to Improve communication and English learning skills of the students. English lab modules are designed to improve communication and grammar skills of the students.

Besides improving the cognitive proficiency of English language and helping the students to expand their command over spoken as well as written English the lab also works towards improving listening and reading skills of the students.

Separate headphone and mike is provided to each student for personalized learning.


Sports form an integral part of any school’s curriculum and hence The Norwood School’s campus is designed to provide ample space for conducting several indoor and outdoor sports activities.

The school has specific coaches for different sports activities. Our sport experts provide coaching in Cricket, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Skating, Table tennis. Regular games periods are provided to the students and they are encouraged to practice indoor and outdoor games. Special Summer camps are also organized to expose students to team building and sports activities.

Sports facilities at the school include indoor sports room, badminton court, cricket pitch for net practice, skating rink and vast playgrounds for other sports that give students a unique choice of enjoying games and sports activities. Thus sports training help to inculcate feeling of sportsmanship, team spirit, self discipline and spirit of well-being.