Welcome to The Norwood School Affiliated to C.B.S.E vide affiliation no 1631487

The Norwood school is located in village Chahal, Near Kathgarh , The Balachaur in District Shahed Bhagat Singh Nagar. The school is approachable by all weather roads. It prepares children for a life beyond school. They stay disciplined and driven towards their goal in life. The school offers nurturing and considerate teachers with exceptional education and experience who provide your child with a safe environment catering their intellectual needs with personalized education using modern cognitive methods of learning, shaping the emotional and psychological needs of the learned. Kids are guided through concepts but helped to learn at their own pace. The Norwood school has splendid infrastructure with fine architecture giving its students all the facilities possible. The school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities and sports. The teachers motivate their students for maximum engagement in activities which builds poise and consequently results in overall development of the child. The school keeps its children connected to their roots by educating them about their rich cultural heritage via various activities. We provide tremendous exposure with intellectual Olympiads, inter-school competitions and field trips which brings about personality, aptitude and social skills development. Enroll your kids now and make them a part of the Norwood school legacy.


We want to fabricate a progeny of students who are superior intellectually and ethically sound with a penchant for sustainability. We will provide quality education with mentally stimulating practical understanding which will give them an opportunity to discover their passion. We want to create an environment in which everyone feels safe and supported where there are no bars to learning, Children are taught to keep their curiosity alive.

We really want our children to believe that they have limitless potential and can attain whatever they put their mind to. No matter what heights they achieve we want our students to be the hardest workers in the room.


Our workforce is driven and has strategic initiatives to shape young minds with our expertise as we understand that early education is a very critical part of our students mental shaping. We have set unparalleled standards for chid development and education. We forge their cognitive abilities in such a way that they have better attention spans, fewer behavioural problems and increased social skills.


Our curriculum is designed to be appropriately challenging for students to help them utilise their talents and develop intellectual and creative interests as well as enhance their mental ability. Our comprehensive teaching techniques enable us to provide attention to each and every student. Our objective in primary school is to create keen learners and independent individuals ready for a challenge.


The middle school curriculum is designed to be rigorous and challenging, developing the student’s strong foundational literacy to meet the needs of pre adolescents. We strive to provide an environment to students where they feel secure and free to share their ideas as we want to inculcate sheer confidence in them as well as independent thinking, critical questions and analytical skills are promoted. Students evolve into passionate lifelong learners and have multitude of talent.


We create holistic educational experiences as we believe students need to have abundant participation to round of learning. We provide a diverse array of activities. Opportunities are available for physical activities which promote physical growth and stronger build, academic clubs develop confidence and critical thinking, international competition, collaborations, inter school competitions and wide potential for investment in arts etc which help in developing keen genuine interests and find their hidden talents.


We believe that students need to be nurtured in a boosting environment that radiates powerful learning, working and playing. The school building is located in lush green campus of 3 acres. We have well built laboratories for experiments and practical understanding as well as a quaint library where the children can read in peace. Comfortable, aesthetic and air-conditioned classrooms are available for our Novians. A vast play area with different grounds such as Cricket pitch for net practice, badminton court, skating rink is available for the students to give them a unique choice of enjoying games and sports activities. The school building has exquisite infrastructure alongwith being air-conditioned. The campus is CCTV integrated for the safety of the students and the school buses are GPS enabled. The students are provided with RFID enabled Identity cards so as to track their timings and location for their security.